Why does image quality matter in the hospitality industry?
And how does it affect your occupancy rate?

As a hotel or resort, you don’t need photos …

Photos are not what you need or want.

Preferably, what you need are more guests. You need to increase your occupancy rate so that you have fewer empty rooms and optionally more booking in your higher-end rooms.

The quality of your photographs will either increase your bookings or turn potential guests away.

If you want to be seen as a leading hotel in the market then you need photos that match your rooms and facilities, your pricing and your brand.

Some hospitality professionals try and justify low-quality photos by saying that they do not want to spend too much on photography because they do not think it is worth it.

The problem with this line of thought is that those low-quality photos are damaging the hotel’s reputation every single day they are online. If those photos are not attention-grabbing. If they do not make a potential guest say “WOW! We have to stay there!” Then the photos are not working as they should be, and could be hurting your brand and business.

If you are a hospitality sales & marketing professional what should your photos be doing for your hotel?

The photos should not only be showing what your rooms look like. Any photo regardless of the quality can do that. In fact, you could take a photo with your smartphone and snap a quick photo that shows your rooms.

But ask yourself, “is that all you want your photos to be doing?” No, it is not.

You want your hotel photographs to achieve these three things:

Improve your online reputation

The higher the quality of your hotel’s online photos, the more comfortable travelers feel about booking your rooms.

Show your value

Whether you are a 5-star luxury boutique hotel or a 3-star budget hotel, when travelers can see from the photos the quality of your hotel rooms, they’ll feel better about paying more for them.

Attract More Guests

Guests are attracted to hotels that look great online. The more time they spend considering your hotel, the more likely they are to book with you.

Top 10 Most Viewed Hotel Photographs

“Give travel shoppers what they’re looking for by showing them the unique experience your hotel has to offer. Reconsider the sequencing of your images online to ensure guest room visuals are front and center.”


“Your hotel’s narrative should erupt off the screen with vibrant visuals.”

Does image quality really matter when promoting your hotel?

An article in Forbes says:


“Consumers expect a first class visual experience when they shop or browse online, and they are rewarding companies that give them what they want. The numbers tell the tale..


– 67% of consumers say that an image is “very important” when selecting a product.


– More than 50% of consumers think a high-quality photo of a product is more important than product information, long description, or rating and reviews.”




When potential guests are planning their next vacation online they are not only looking for a hotel that has the kind of rooms that they want in the location they want to stay, but they are also looking for the best possible option out of all the choices available to them.


And if 67% say an image is very important, and more than half of them say a high-quality photo really matters, then it stands to reason that a hotel with amazing photos is going to get their attention.


Note though that this is only going to get more serious for hotels as we move into the future and the millennial generation, which has grown up with social media and their focus on visual marketing, continues to increase their share of the market. This is especially the case if, as a hotel, you have a significant presence on Instagram where images, and the crucial 20-35yo market, dominates.

Are photos more influential than hotel reviews?

Apparently, they are, since this data suggests that 50% say a great photo is more important than a review! When reviews are so influential, to think that you can have a significant impact on more than half of your potential guests by simply posting fantastic, photography with the WOW-factor, then you want to make the most of that!

The Circle of Quality

In trying to understand the impact that photo quality has on a hotel’s success it may help to refer to The Circle of Quality which works like this: better hotel photography leads to more potential guests being impressed by the hotel ….

… which leads to increased bookings which leads to bigger profits

… which leads to better hotel photography which leads to more potential guests being impressed

… which leads to increased bokings which leads to bigger profits

… and the circle goes on and on.

The Circle of Quality all starts with amazing hotel photography. That’s what gets the Circle started and keeps it rolling.


The secret behind some of Cambodia’s best-performing hotels and resorts.

If you are looking for a hotel photographer whether in Cambodia or another country, then please consider me.

I specialise in hotel photography throughout the region, as well as China, United Arab Emirates and the Maldives. My focus at all times is on exceptional quality in my
photography, reliable and consistent service and a commitment to seeing my clients succeed in building their business and boosting their profits.


The Pods Village - Independence Hotel by DARA

I work with my clients as a team, focusing on delivering a superior result for them and I do that by:


I have shot hundreds of hotel rooms and outlets and I know all the ins and outs of getting the best photos under any lighting conditions. My focus on delivering attention-grabbing images that guests and hospitality professionals love is second to none.

Exceptional Communication

I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t know what’s happening. I focus on keeping my partners fully informed on all aspects of the shoot. Before, during and after.

A Simple Pricing Structure

I include everything in one simple rate structure. There are no complicated licensing agreements, no extra fees for standard editing. Everything you need is covered at a price that may well surprise you. (Just ask)

See What Some Of My Clients Have To Say


Professional and skillful

‘Professional and skillful’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bruce. I hired Bruce as a freelance photographer late last year after coming highly recommended and viewing his online portfolio. During this time he updated our photo library with some amazing photos. Above all, I was impressed with Bruce’s ability to capture the best of our locations under different lighting conditions and the attention to detail he has put into the process. And, of course, his easygoing nature and flexibility made the cooperation more fruitful and productive. For any hotel or property that requires high-quality photos, Bruce would be the one I would highly recommend.

Kosal Sou General Manager | Green Palace Hotel

The quality of the images is great

I am really happy with you and your work. The quality of the images is great.

Sokleng You Assistant Director of Sales | Dara Hotels

Professional results, production and timeline.

In terms of result delivery in making the photographs, include the production and timeline, Bruce is a very professional photographer.

Nickie Samrith Marketing Manager | Sokha Hotels and Resorts

Do you have some questions?

Let’s run through a few of the more common questions now …

“Don’t all hotel photographers do basically the same thing?”

When it comes to choosing a hotel, you get what you pay for. Some are better than others, and a high-quality hotel is not going to be one of the cheapest. Photographers are exactly the same.

There are cheaper photographers out there, but their focus is on taking the highest number of photographs in a day as possible, so they rush through the assignment as quickly as possible. That makes for lower quality images, fewer benefits for you, and less attention to details so both big and small details get missed.

Other photographers are just getting started in hotel photography, and they start out cheap to get more clients but their lack of experience shows through.

“One of the people in our office has a really good camera.”

I would encourage you to submit a quote request, and we will have a chat to find out as much as possible so that my quote only delivers what you need, and not all the extras that some other photographers insist on. You may find that my pricing is a lot more affordable than you expected.

“I’m concerned that you are going to be too expensive.”

How much revenue does your hotel turn over in a year? Or more appropriately, what would you like your hotel’s revenue to be over the next 12 months? Do you want to trust some or all of that to someone in your office, or do you want to place it in the hands of an experienced photographer who specializes in photographing hotels?

If you simply want some more photos for your website then having someone for your office take a few snapshots is fine. But if you want the benefits that only a professional can bring then you need someone like me.

“What if I am not happy with the photos?”

I will work closely with you before the shoot and on the days to make sure the styling and the photography match your brand and expectations. However, if by some chance you are disappointed with my work then I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that I will either re-edit the photos or reshoot them at no extra charge. If I still can’t get it right then you won’t pay for that individual photo.


I stand by my work, and I do not want to send an invoice to my clients if they are not happy, so I will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with what I deliver.

If you have any questions or would like a quote please complete and submit the form below.

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