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Q: Why should we hire you?

A: I have built up a reputation for professional, reliable and flexible photographer. My clients trust me to deliver high-end images with the required message. I have worked with many brands, so I have the experience and knowledge to get the best result from any location under any lighting conditions. I’m also very fortunate, in that photographing hotels is my passion and the financial side is not my driving force. It only allows me to continue to do what I love doing.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Bangkok, which is the primary transportation hub for the region, is just a one hour flight away. With inexpensive and frequent air routes, this facilitates my travel to any location worldwide.

Q: Do you shoot in [Insert Country Name]?

A: A majority of my assignments are in Cambodia and the neighboring countries of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. However, I shoot worldwide and my proximity to Bangkok facilitates the travel to any International destination.

Q: What are your rates?

A: My rates are highly competitive for the region and worldwide. Please send me an email and I will gladly reply to you with my current rate sheet.

Q: Do you charge by the day or by the image?

A: I have two separate rate structures: For assignments in Cambodia I use a per image rate and outside of Cambodia I use a daily rate. After many years of experience, I have found this to be more cost effective for all of my clients, both local and International.

Q: Are travel expenses included in your rates?

A: No, these are additional expenses over and above my quoted rates..  All travel expenses to and from the location, plus food & accommodation expenses, are for the account of the client.

Q: Do you charge a fee for travel days?

A: There are no additional charges for my time in travelling to your location. Many of my assignments involve traveling, and I would like to provide the most cost effective service to my clients.

Q: How many images can you shoot in a day?

A: This depends on the photos and locations being shot. For interior/architectural photos, the general rule of thumb is between 20 and 30 photos a day.

Q: What type of photography services do you provide?

A: Hospitality photography is not only photos of the rooms and facilities. It encompasses many types of photography, and I like to offer my clients a complete solution if it meets their requirements and budget. Types of photography include:

  • Interior & Exterior Photography
  • Food & Beverage Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Drone Photography
  • Destination Photography
  • 360 Photography

Q: What usage license do you provide?

A: I offer simple and all-inclusive licensing for all of my clients. This ensures that it does not restrict my clients’ usage and gives me the ability to use the images in my online and printed portfolios, social media and for marketing. The working of my license is: “an Exclusive license to use the Work Worldwide. This license shall be valid for An Unlimited Time and shall cover publication of the Work in the following media only: Unlimited Media.”

Q: When will we receive the final images?

A: The post-processing of the images is very time intensive and can often take longer than the shooting itself. We aim to deliver the finished images with 2 weeks of the shoot date. If you require 2 or 3 images with in a few days, please let me know beforehand and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Q: Can we have the RAW files?

A: My question would be why would you need them? My images are manually blended together from multiple exposures, and each RAW file has a specific place in the puzzle. By themselves and without the knowledge of the intended purpose of each frame, they would not be of much use.

Q: Do you shoot video?

A: At his stage I only am concentrating on photography. This is a service I plan to offer at a later stage.

Q: Why are you cheaper/More Expensive than other photographers?

A: I do not base my rates on what other photographers charge. I aim to provide my clients with a high-quality and cost effective service, considering my cost of doing business. I am based in a location with a low cost of living and can pass this saving on to my clients via my rates.

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In terms of result delivery in making the photographs, include the production and timeline, Bruce is a very professional photographer.

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