Your hotel has spent a substantial amount of money on renovations, it is a new property or you need to update your current hotel photography. Whether you’re in Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China or the Maldives here are my top tips for finding the best luxury hotel photographer for you.


Luxury Hotel Photographer
Baitong Hotel & Resort Phnom Penh

​You understand that high-quality hospitality photography will pay for itself many times over in attracting more guests. A luxury hotel photographer can provide you with photographs that will attract more guests, increase your online reputation and help show your hotel’s true value.


Find The Right Photographer For The Job

The best resort photographer may not be the best hotel and resort photographer for you. You need to make sure that the photographer is the right fit for your hotel. If locally based then meet with the photographer beforehand or if, out of town, set up a Skype call with them.

Find out about their shooting style and whether they will be open to your ideas and be able to work with you.

Study The Photographer’s Portfolios

​View the photographer’s portfolios. What the first thing that comes to mind as you view each hotel photo? Do you feel that their style of hotel and resort photography will show your hotel and brand in the best light?

Luxury Hotel Photographer
Baitong Hotel & Resort Phnom Penh

How Does The Luxury Hotel Photographer Work?

How does the photographer charge? Some hospitality photographers charge by the image, some by the day and others by the project.

What Is Included? You need to know what is included in this rate. Is post-processing included? Travel expenses? Will your hotel be providing food and accommodation for the photographer and assistant?

How Long Will It Take? This will depend on the number of hotel photographs required, though professional photographers capture between 5 and 15 photographs a day, depending on the location

Who Will Be The Hotel Photographer? Make sure that the photographer you are talking to will be the one taking the photographs. Some companies will sub-contract the jobs out and you will end up with a hospitality photographer you do not know.

When Will The Photographs Be Delivered? Ask about the turn-around time for the post-production. Often the post-production of photographs can take one to two hours per photograph. Unless there are only a couple of photos, delivering the photographs in one or two days likely means the photographer/retoucher has not done the work properly. You should be looking at between 7 and 14 business days for the delivery of final images.

What Usage License Does The Photographer Provide? This is something that is important you work out beforehand as it will dictate on how you are allowed to use the photographs. Do you have exclusive rights? How long can you use the photographs? How can you use the photographs?

Luxury Hotel Photographer
Baitong Hotel & Resort Phnom Penh

Preparation For Your Hotel and Resort Photography

​Your luxury hotel photographer should communicate extensively with you beforehand to create a detailed shot list and run sheet. They should be able to offer advice on how to best prepare your hotel for photography.


​Next time you are looking for a luxury hotel photographer in  Bangkok, Siem Reap, Shanghai or anywhere else in Southeast Asia then get to know your photographer and their work. You should be comfortable in working with them and understand all charges and licensing.

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