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Residential And Commercial Real Estate Photography In Cambodia

​Why Does The Quality Of Photos Mater In Residential Real Estate And Commercial Property Marketing?


Your property's images provide the crucial first impression for any potential tenant, broker or investor. For any residential or commercial real estate project one of the best investments you can make is a professional photo shoot.

According to The Wall Street Journal, buyers spend 60% of their time on a property page looking at the listing’s photos.

When you are browsing online for a pair of shoes or a new commercial space, it is the quality photos which catch your eye and make you make want to find out more. If potential tenants and buyers are captivated by breathtaking photos with the wow factor they are much more likely to click on the listing to find out more.

Professional photography can be used across all your digital and print marketing materials, such as your website, MLS, social media channels, brochures and print advertising. By making an investment in professional real estate photography services you can be confident that you are putting forward the best visual representation of your property and your business.

The Data Says Image Quality Matters

"68% of marketers say they plan to use images more in the future"

"Images on Facebook receive 20% more engagement than videos and 352% more engagement that links"

"60% of consumers say they are more likely to consider or contact a business that has an image show up in local search results"

"67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is "very important" in selecting and purchasing the product"

When prospective tenants and investors are browsing through listings online, are they only building assumptions about the properties on the market? No, they are also developing a picture (no pun intended) of the business listing the property as well.

If 67% say an image is very important, and more than half of them say they are more likely to select a product with an image, then it stands to reason that a business that uses a professional architectural photographer for their real estate marketing is going to get their attention.

This is only going to get more serious as we move forward into the future and the millennial generation, which has grown up with social media and their focus on visual marketing, moves into the buying market.

"When it comes to product visuals, don't skimp - provide many high-quality images for audiences." - MDG advertising


residential and commercial real estate photography phnom penh cambodia
residential and commercial real estate photography phnom penh cambodia
residentail and commercial real estate photography phnom penh cambodia
residential and commercial real estate photography phnom penh cambodia


What My Clients Say

Absolute professional when it comes to architectural photography

Bruce is an absolute professional when it comes to architectural photography. One of the few who knows exactly what to capture in different types of space. He is flexible and communicative which makes it so pleasant to work with. I am delighted to have selected Bruce to document our (T3 Architects) projects. I highly recommend Bruce for amazing designed projects.

Leakhena Setha Project Manager | T3 Architects

My 100% satisfaction guarantee

I offer a 100%, no questions asked, totally unbeatable guarantee to my Phnom Penh real estate clients. There is absolutely no risk to you.

If you are not satisfied with the photographs I will either come back and shoot again, or you can hand back the photos and pay nothing.

All the risk is laid on my shoulders - I shoot the photos and you be the judge. The decision is completely up to you.

*Conditions Apply

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