Last month I was invited by owner Jef Moon and General Manager, John Black to experience Knai Bang Chatt Resort, on the southern coast of Cambodia. An opportunity to have a break and get some amazing photos at the same time.

Hotel & Resort Photography in Cambodia for knai bANg chatt

Located in Kep, known at the turn of the century as ‘Kep Sur Mer’. In the 1950s, during the Golden Age of Cambodia, Kep was a popular holiday and residential destination for wealthy Khmers. The resorts structures are restored colonial villas with a history. The Blue Villa once belonged to the Governor of Kep,

Arriving after a four drive from Phnom Pehn, and meeting John, I had a quick scout around the amazing property. The resort provides plentiful inspiration for photography, with the design, architecture, secluded areas and location right on the Gulf of Thailand.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

Sunrise behind the Blue Villa at Knai Bang Chatt.

My first shooting location was The Sailing Club is one of the two f&b outlets on the property and is set in a restored traditional wooden fisherman's cottage, built directly over the sea. It is one of the best and most popular places to enjoy Kep’s breathtaking sunsets. Plus the tasty food and refreshing cocktails are worth the visit. (Try the cottage pie and the Kep Sling)

A challenging space to photograph due to the wide dynamic range and the popularity of the restaurant at sunset. Today was no exceptions as it was packed and had to capture a lot more images than normal to be able to remove the crowds.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

The Sailing Club Restaurant & Bar - Set in a restored traditional wooden fisherman's cottage.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

One of Kep’s breathtaking sunsets at The Sailing Club Restaurant & Bar.

The following morning saw a 5am start shooting the infinity pool before any guests had an early morning swim. I prefer to photograph pools in the soft early morning light as it brings out the colors. Plus mornings is one of the most popular times for guests to use the pool and hotels need to be showcasing that time.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

The infinity pool overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

Then straight to The Strand Restaurant before the guests stared arriving for breakfast. Situated close to the water’s edge it has amazing views and a fresh breeze blowing through. The main feature is a 16 seat table, made from a single piece of lumber, running down the center of the restaurant.   I concentrated on capturing the atmosphere of the restaurant and the many secluded dining spaces set around the grounds.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

The Strand Restaurant, with the long center table and amazing views.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

On of the many secluded dining areas set around the resort.

The resort’s 18 rooms are spread among the four villas, each with its own character. Only 2 of the rooms have TVs, which is a nice change as I could not imagine turning one on in this beautiful resort. The resort was running at a very high occupancy and guest rooms were not the main purpose of the shooting; I could only photography one of the sea-view rooms.

cambodia hotel photographer khnai bang chatt

Minimalist design in one of the 18 rooms.

Thanks so much to Jef, John and all the staff for my shoot an AMAZING experience!

Amazing resort. Amazing experience. Amazing people. Amazing food.



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