Our PRocess From Start To Finish



During the initial phase, we jump on a zoom call or have a meeting to learn about your project and your requirements and goals for the final images. Every assignment is unique and requires special strategies and implementation to reach your desired goals and returns. Then we will undertake the location research and intelligence to maximize the end result. Our goal is to fully understand your needs and goals for the photos.


This is when we capture the images. We will photograph the locations using the best crew and gear for each unique job. Our shoots are intentionally methodical, professional, and friendly. Our crew will work collaboratively and creatively on-set to capture the high quality imagery that we are known for.


This is when we put together everything from the pre-production and production phases. We set-up a private online proofing gallery, which includes very basic edits of the images captured during the production phase. You are able to select the images to be retouched and include any specific retouching requests. These final images are then uploaded to an additional private online gallery. Here you can approve the final edits or request editing revisions. At each step of the phase, we value your collaboration and feedback to ensure we are on the right track to a final product that meets your business needs and goals. Returning value and taking your brand image to the next level.

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