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​We all know how important professional quality hotel photos are. How can you help in getting the best hotel photography? If you are in Cambodia, Bali, Maldives or anywhere in Southeast Asia how do you make sure you get the best from your next hotel photo shoot?

Here Are My Top Tips For Getting The Best Hotel photography

Communicate With Your Hospitality Photographer

​Communication with your professional photographer is very important. Starting from the initial hotel photoshoot meeting to the actual hotel room photography. Your luxury hotel photographer values your input and any suggestions or comments that you. Please have a designated hospitality marketing personal assigned to the photo shoot. The hotel photographer may

  • ​need housekeeping or maintenance
  • ​have some questions on brand standards and your hotel photography guidelines
  • ​ask for your suggestions


Which hotel rooms to photograph?

Selecting your BEST hotel rooms is important. The light at the scheduled time of shooting and views play a major role in hotel room photos. Your hospitality photographer should be able to tell you what direction the rooms should be facing. If there is a view then the best time to capture the guest room.

A rule of thumb is that you want guest rooms to be the very best that guests will experience them in person. Do not include items that do not come with the room.

best hotel photography - The Great Duke Phnom Penh

​The Great Duke Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia​​​​​

 Linen and Curtains

Housekeeping should iron or steam bed skirts, bed sheets, pillow cases, bed scarves and curtains.

Window sheers open or closed? Have housekeeping prepare the curtains and sheers beforehand.

Tips and tricks

  • ​Brand new bed linen is always creased so have housekeeping steam beforehand.
  • ​Use your fluffiest pillows. Foam pillows work best.
  • ​Use small pieces of double-sided tape to tape the top corners of the pillows to the headboard.
  • ​In humid climates, it is advisable to leave climate control on so that all lines stay crisp and fresh.

​Other Items

​Make sure all light bulbs are working. If we have to call maintenance to replace or fix a light, it will delay the shoot.

Print items can date a photograph. Many brands prohibit these in guest room photographs. Place all TV channel guides, movie guides, guest directory, internet info, menus, etc. in a drawer. Consult your brand guidelines for direction.


​Plan for the restaurant photography during closing hours. This allows enough time for the staging and composition and reduces guest traffic. Staff on-hand can assist late-arriving guests and help with the set-up. Make sure perishable items such as fresh fruit and pastries are in stock beforehand. All tableware, cutlery and glasses should be sparkling clean.


​Due to normal day to day operations the lobby area, your hotel photographer may need to photograph this area at night or early morning. Enough staff should be on hand to help with any guest traffic. The front desk/reception should be free from clutter. So remove all maps, brochures, newspapers, telephones, etc.

Center and place computer monitors as low as possible behind the reception. Flowers should be fresh and plants healthy.

Any staff members required to be in the photos make sure you schedule and brief them beforehand. Try and choose a staff member with a welcoming smile.


​Swimming pools can be busy throughout the day. Closing the pool off for the scheduled session will allow for proper staging and capturing at the optimal time. Clean the pool and surrounding areas beforehand. Turning the pumps off during shooting will help the water look crystal clear.

The pool deck needs to be completely dry or completely wet. A staff member should be on hand with a supply of clean and fresh towels. Arrange the towels as per hotel photo guidelines.


​Depending on the orientation of the building, the best time to shoot is at dawn or at sunset/twilight. Remove all ashtrays, trash cans and clean up the landscaping. Images should be free of guests and cars. Blocking off the parking around the main entrance ensures cars will not be visible.

Make sure all exterior lights are working. An engineering staff member should be on hand to override any timers or sensors.

best hotel photography - NagaWorld 2 Exterior

​NagaWorld 2, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Depending on the occupancy of the hotel, turn lights in vacant guests rooms on. Brief ample staff to be able to do this and make sure you are able to communicate with them efficiently during the process.

Based on my experience these are some of the most important hotel photo tips and will help the hotel and resort photographer provide you with the best hotel photography.


On your next hotel photoshoot in Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia or China being prepared will ensure you get the best hotel photography. Work together with your professional hospitality photographer and make sure your staff are aware of what needs ot be done and double check every detail.

Refreshed our OTA profiles

You did a great job regarding PODs, sunrise lights were amazing. These images have refreshed our OTAs profiles. We appreciate your effort and time.

The quality of the images is great

I am really happy with you and your work. The quality of the images is great.

Extremely Professional and Talented

Bruce is an extremely professional and talented photographer. Throughout the process of photographing a rooftop bar he was extremely patient and a calm communicator going beyond the scope to photograph other hotel elements during the shoot. The post production process was fast and efficient and were extremely happy with the end result.

Best Pictures

Bruce did the best pictures we managed to get for our properties!

I strongly recommend Bruce for architectural and product shots

Bruce has an eye for detail, a feel for lighting, a flair for perspectives! An honest and friendly character without attitude who brings pictures to life!
I strongly recommend Bruce for architectural and product shots.

Best photographer in the country for commercial photo shooting

Bruce made some photographs of several of the properties I was working for at MAADS, and he did such a great job that we called him back to ask him to work for us! From the time I spent in Cambodia I would definitely recommend him as the best photographer in the country for commercial photo shooting (architecture outdoor/indoor). Amazing lighting, brightness, contrast... nothing to change, everything is ready to use and to impress 😉

Professional results, production and timeline.

In terms of result delivery in making the photographs, include the production and timeline, Bruce is a very professional photographer.

Professional and skillful

‘Professional and skillful’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bruce. I hired Bruce as a freelance photographer late last year after coming highly recommended and viewing his online portfolio. During this time he updated our photo library with some amazing photos. Above all, I was impressed with Bruce’s ability to capture the best of our locations under different lighting conditions and the attention to detail he has put into the process. And, of course, his easygoing nature and flexibility made the cooperation more fruitful and productive. For any hotel or property that requires high-quality photos, Bruce would be the one I would highly recommend.

Timely in both communications as well as processing

I am happy to pass on that recommendation to anyone seeking a talented, professional, and creative photographer in the Kingdom. After struggling to capture our brand-new boutique hotel (Monsoon Bassac Hotel, Phnom Penh) myself, I contacted Bruce via his website. From start to finish, he was an absolute professional- timely in both communications as well as processing, patient with our numerous requests, and able to capture our hotel's difficult angles and lighting in a way that kept things realistic but also showcased their beauty. His photographs are a true representation of what guests will find in our hotel, and we proudly use his photographs on all of our media.
Bruce is able to walk into a room and immediately see potential. He is flexible, and takes your ideas and brand identity into account when creating his images. I could not be prouder to have his photos representing our brand, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Lubov Chinaru GRO | Independence Hotel by DARA
Sokleng You Assistant Director of Sales | Dara Hotels
Camilla Coburn Davis PR Manager | Minor Hotels
Alexis de Suremain Founder | MAADS
Noel Omar Furrer General Manager | Sun & Moon Urban Hotel
Alicia Guthert Communications Manager | MAADS
Nickie Samrith Marketing Manager | Sokha Hotels and Resorts
Kosal Sou General Manager | Green Palace Hotel
Genevieve Cook General Manager | Monsoon Bassac Hotel

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About The Author

Bruce is an experienced luxury boutique hotel photographer based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. He specializes in brand imagery for hotels and resorts. Working with high-end hotels and resorts in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Bali, Singapore and Maldives

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