Interior design photography is capturing the essence of, and the concept behind and interior space.

What Is Interior Design Photography?

Very similar to hotel interior photography, interior design photography is more the showcasing the design of the actual space and the interior design elements. While with interior photography in hospitality is is more towards the guest experience, mood, and how the space interacts with its surroundings. Composition, lighting, and the post-production techniques are also different and experienced interior design photographers have developed their unique photo interior design styles over years of shooting for architects and interior designers.

These types of photo shoots also may include more people in the photos to show how a spaced was designed to be utilized. When we include people in a hospitality picture is more of a lifestyle and guest experience photo. Many interior design photographers, my self included, have included the blurred person walking through the frame. However this is now overdone and falling out of fashion, and if the experienced interior design photographer decides to include people nowadays, they are strategically placed to guide the viewer though the interior design photos, and hardly ever blurred.


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