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As hotel and interior photographers in Cambodia and Thailand, we aim to capture the unique beauty and experience of every luxury hotel. We strive to create eye catching hotel photos that not only showcase the hotels’ architectural and interior design elements, but also convey the mood and emotion that make a stay there unforgettable. Through our hotel pictures, we aim to help hotels and their marketing teams attract and inspire their guests, providing a powerful tool for their marketing and branding efforts.

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Bruce Vincentiis

Photographer + Founder

Bruce is the founder and main hotel and interior photographer of Two Keys Media. He is a seasoned professional hotel photographer with a unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise. With over 10 years of experience in interior and hotel photography, he brings a broad perspective and wealth of experience to each project. His passion for storytelling through visual mediums has driven him to bring together a team of highly dedicated and talented creatives.

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Khem Lay

Photographer Assistant

Khem Lay is an enthusiastic and dedicated architecture student with a passion for design and photography. Combining a deep appreciation for design with technical expertise, he aims to refine his skills in architecture and photography

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I am not going to try and sell you as I think my work speaks for itself and my almost a decade of experience shooting hotels and interiors is well laid out on the website.

What is the number one thing that makes me stand out from other photographers? 
It is what everyone I have worked with says – That they enjoy working with me.

Being flexible, having a good sense of humor, and looking at the positive side of everything makes for a much more enjoyable, stress-free, and successful shoot.

Have a look though my Google Reviews to see what my clients say about me:

or here

We do not have set published rates, as we believe every project is unique and they each has different requiremts and goals. Therefore, we quote for every project on an individual basis. We have a vast experience shooting for the main hospitality brands as well as independent hotels and believe our quoted rates are both cost-effective and return a high value to our clients.

If you require a photographer to do a multi-day hotel & resort photoshoot for $500 to $700, then we may not be the photographers for you.

Ideally, we would like as much notice as possible, but we understand that is always not possible. So we normally require at least 2 weeks notice if our schedule is free. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, so please do reach out to us if you require a shoot earlier than that, and depending on the situation we will try and help you out.

Our policy is to deliver the initial round of edited photos within 2 weeks from the last date of the shoot, at the latest.  Our time on your project does not stop as soon as we are finished the shoot. We try and block a sufficient number of days immediately after a shoot for the post-production.

We have done some extensive data collection of the last few years and know, on average, how many minutes of post-production it will take for each image.  This allows us to set a goal for the post-production of x number of photos per day without compromising on the quality. So you can rest assured that your photos will arrive with the highest-quality in the fastest time.

Of course, it is understandable that a shoot of 20 photos will be delivered quicker than a shoot of 100 images. 

We are based between Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Bangkok, Thailand, so a large proportion of our shoots are in these countries. However, we have shot through ought the region and are more than happy to take on assignments worldwide.

For any assignments outside of Phnom Penh, the following are for the account for the client:

  • Individual accommodation for all members of the photography team.
  • 3X meals per day in restaurants or room service.
  • All non-alcoholic beverages
  • Daily laundry
  • Internet usage in all rooms
  • All airport transfers
  • All airfares departing and returning Bangkok for photoshoots not within Cambodia and Bangkok.

For shoots within Cambodia or Bangkok, the photographer will be responsible for all airfares.

We understand that video is an integral and important part of hospitality marketing. However, we have found that shooting video and stills together is very time intensive. We would prefer to spend the time ensuring we are delivering the high-quality photos we are well known for. 

We do intend to offer video production in the future, but for the time being we can highly recommend a video production company in HCMC, Vietnam who we have worked with on numerous occasions. 

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Two Keys Media was established in 2023 by Bruce, a passionate hotel photographer with an eye for capturing the unique essence of hotels. The inspiration behind the name “Two Keys Media” is multifaceted. It represents the two keys typically handed to guests upon hotel check-in, symbolizing the beginning of their unique hotel experience. Additionally, it refers to the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or concierge society, known for their two golden keys, signifying service excellence in the hospitality industry. Lastly, it is a reference to Bruce’s best friend, “Tuky”, pronounced To Key.


The aesthetic we love

Our Manifesto

We are more than just hospitality photographers – we are storytellers. In every hotel photoshoot, we seek to reveal the hidden narratives, the guest experience. Every hotel room, every space, every piece of decor is a testament to the hotel’s unique identity. Our mission, then, is not merely to photograph, but to unveil this identity, to bring it to life. We do not see hotels as mere buildings, but as living, breathing entities, each with its own personality and charm. Our aim is to capture this essence, allowing potential guests to experience the hotel before they even step through its doors. With each hotel photo, we strive to evoke the ambiance, the atmosphere, and the allure that make each hotel truly unique. Through our lens, we invite viewers to embark on a journey, to explore and discover the unique beauty of each hotel we photograph.


Our mission is to capture the unique beauty and experience of every hotel we collaborate with, providing a powerful tool for their marketing and branding efforts.

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