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We aim to capture the unique beauty and experience of every hotel we collaborate with. We strive to create stunning visual narratives that not only showcase the property’s architectural and design elements, but also convey the mood and emotion that make a stay there unforgettable. Through our work, we aim to help hotels attract and inspire their guests, providing a powerful tool for their marketing and branding efforts.

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Bruce Vincentiis

Photographer + Founder

Bruce is the founder and lead interior photographer of Two Keys Media, and he is a seasoned professional with a unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise. With over 10 years of experience in interior and hotel photography, he brings a broad perspective and wealth of experience to each project. His passion for storytelling through visual mediums has driven him to bring together a team of highly dedicated and talented creatives.

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Khem Lay

Photographer Assistant

Khem Lay is an enthusiastic and dedicated architecture student with a passion for design and photography. Combining a deep appreciation for design with technical expertise, he aims to refine his skills in architecture and photography

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Isar Charmchi

Video Editor

Isar Charmchi is a highly skilled video editor located in Italy. With technical skills in Adobe Premiere Pro,
Adobe After Effects, and Davinci Resolve he specializes in lifestyle and travel videos with an emphasis on emotion and detail.


Two Keys Media was established in 2023 by Bruce, a passionate creative with an eye for capturing the unique essence of hotels. The inspiration behind the name “Two Keys Media” is multifaceted. It represents the two keys typically handed to guests upon hotel check-in, symbolizing the beginning of their unique hotel experience. Additionally, it refers to the prestigious Les Clefs d’Or concierge society, known for their two golden keys, signifying service excellence in the hospitality industry. Lastly, it is a reference to Bruce’s best friend, “Tuky”, pronounced To Key.


The aesthetic we love

Our Manifesto

We are more than just hotel photographers – we are storytellers. In every hotel we capture, we seek to reveal the hidden narratives, the untold stories that lie within its walls. Every room, every space, every piece of decor is a testament to the hotel’s unique identity. Our mission, then, is not merely to photograph, but to unveil this identity, to bring it to life. We do not see hotels as mere buildings, but as living, breathing entities, each with its own personality and charm. Our aim is to capture this essence, allowing potential guests to experience the hotel before they even step through its doors. With each photograph, we strive to evoke the ambiance, the atmosphere, and the allure that make each hotel truly unique. Through our lens, we invite viewers to embark on a journey, to explore and discover the unique beauty of each hotel we photograph.


Our mission is to capture the unique beauty and experience of every hotel we collaborate with, providing a powerful tool for their marketing and branding efforts.

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