Architectural photography portfolio – capturing photographs of architectural structures that are both pleasing and an accurate representation.

What Is Architectural Photography?

The architecture photography in out architectural photography portfolio is shot for national and international architecture firms. The main focus of the images in this architectural photography portfolio are to show the architectural structures in an eye-pleasing and as an accurate representation. A lot of emphasis is placed on the composition of the photos and the time of day that the architectural photographer decides to capture the structure. Natural light and the play between light and shadows is very important for architecture photography.

When photographing a project for an architectural firm we work with the architects to understand the ideas, design, and the elements, so as to be able to highlight these in the resulting architecture photos. Besides wide-angle tilt-shift lenses, we also make use of drones for photos and videos, allowing us to capture the perfect angles and well as unique views. Like interior design photography we will also sometime include people in the architectural pictures, with the main purpose being to show the scale of the structure.


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