Drone photography is capturing creative and unique hotel photos, which hotel guests would not be able to experience otherwise.

What Is Aerial Or Drone Photography?

Since the advent of smaller drones with larger sensors, aerial photography is becoming very popular in hospitality photography, architectural photography, and even lifestyle photography. Drone photography allows the hotel photographer to get compositions that we otherwise be unattainable. Drone photography also gives photographers the ability to get some very unique perspectives for the luxury lifestyle photos.

The most used hotel drone photos and those with the most impact are the images which look directly down on a subject, giving the viewer a literal birds-eye view. This form of drone photography is well suited for scenes where there is an abundance of water such as swimming pools, beaches, and boats. They also work well when the architectural elements make geometric shapes. Including people gives a sense of the immense scale of things.

Another popular form of aerial photography is taken at a height and distance so as to show the complete, hotel, resort, or building in its complete surroundings. Drones are a very useful tool for hotel and architecture photographers .


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