Hospitality lifestyle photography is the art of creating an emotional connection between the hotel guest and the hotel experience.

What Is Hotel Lifestyle Photography?

To give their hotel clients the best value, hospitality photographers need to able to shoot a variety of hotel photos. To be able to show the luxurious lifestyle experience and help the potential guests envision themselves in the photo, hotel photographers must be able to capture impactful lifestyle photography of hotel guests enjoying the facilities and experiences.

The hospitality photographer needs to be very creative and have a good eye for the perfect compositions. as lifestyle photography is a very powerful hotel marketing tool. Luxury hotel photographers have to envision what is possible and direct the talent to create the right mood and emotion to get the required marketing message across. In many instances a lifestyle photo of a couple enjoying a floating breakfast in a swimming pool that they have all to themselves, has a completely different message to an architectural photo of a swimming pool with no one around.

Another benefit of hotel lifestyle photography is that since the luxury hotel photographed has developed a extremely good eye for compositions over the years. We can create scenes and angles which are instagrammable, giving your property much more exposure and hotel guests and influencers out their take on the lifestyle photos they have seen.


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