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Understanding The Value of High-End Hotel Photography

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High-End Hotel Photography

Understanding The Value

Updated: February 10th, 2024
  1. Instead of viewing the prices charged by the top hotel photographers, they should be seen as an investment. The amount paid should be evaluated in relation to the value provided and the returns gained by the hotel business.
  2. While luxury hotel photographer’s gear does play a role in determining our prices, it is not the sole or most important factor. This edition of Hotel Photography Insider will expolre this point.


In the highly competitive world of hotel marketing, where countless luxury hotel brands vie for the attention of potential customers, it is essential for the hotel marketing teams to create an unforgettable impression through eye-catching hotel pictures. These hotel images play a crucial role in showcasing the unique experience that your hotel offers, setting it apart from the rest.

When it comes to hotel and resort photography, it is natural to question the pricing of best photographers and why our hotel photography rates are what they are,. At first glance, the rates charged by us may seem on the high side. However, it is important to understand that there are several factors that contribute to these costs, which are justified by the value high-end hotel photography brings.

Mastery of Craft

Thailand Hotel Photographer
high-end hotel photography
Shinta Mani Wild- A Bensley Collection

One of the key factors to consider is the expertise and skill of these specialized hospitality photographers. Creating an eye-catching hotel room photo that showcases a hotel’s best features requires a high level of skill, experience, and creativity.

Professional hotel photographers have honed our craft through years of experience, and we have an in-depth understanding of how to capture the essence and beauty of your establishment. Our technical knowledge, artistic vision, and ability to work with different interior lighting conditions ensure that we are able to produce stunning photographs that truly reflect the unique atmosphere of your hotel or resort. This is one of the main contributing factors why luxury hotel brands decide upon us for the assignment.

As we enter a hotel room, we instinctively know what will make the perfect photo for the shot list. We know what the perfect angle is, what the perfect height is, and where to position the camera, furniture and décor to make the most eye-pleasing photograph. We know when the best interior light is for a particular space.

Everything is well-thought-out to create an image that captivates the viewer and guides them through the photograph as we envision.


It’s not something that comes to most people’s minds immediately, but you will find that many hotel and resort photographers have a passion for high-end hotel photography. This differentiates us from the photographers who are going through the daily grind of treating it as just a job. We genuinely love doing what we do: creating beautiful hotel images and videos that show a space at its best and conveying its essence. All the while giving maximum value to our hospitality clients.

Industry Knowledge

Most specialized hotel and resort photographers possess an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry. We are familiar with the elements that make a space inviting, and we can bring out the best features of your property through our imagery. This includes understanding your brand identity, target audience, and desired aesthetic and translating them into visually engaging media.

We work closely with you to ensure that the final images align with your vision and effectively communicate the essence of your establishment.

Time Involved

The time involved in creating the stills and video goes well beyond the actual capturing of the RAW files or video footage.


We spend time meticulously planning and preparing for all shoots. We learn about the brand and the property, study the brand guidelines, look at all the current imagery on your website and OTAs, go through the property reviews on Trip Advisor, learn about the surrounding area and experiences, and then study the weather and lighting conditions.


Then comes the actual shooting, with the initial day being a scouting day when we can view all the spaces under different lighting conditions, making updates and changes to the shot list, and working out the best composition. The actual capturing of all the frames required to make one image can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, providing the weather and lighting are playing ball.

We work with a stylist or with our assistants to position every item in the frame to make the most pleasing photograph. Then come the frames with the lights off, the frames with the lights on, and then the frames with artificial light to help us rectify any issues that we may encounter during post-processing.


Then comes what can be the most work-intensive and time-intensive part of the project: the post-production of the photos. This phase involves various steps and techniques to enhance and refine the captured images. Firstly, we carefully review each frame and select the best ones to work with.

Next, we employ Capture One Pro and Photoshop to adjust the exposure, colors, and composition, ensuring that the final image appears visually appealing and cohesive. Then, we meticulously blend all the frames together in a seamless manner, creating a natural-looking image that captivates the viewer’s attention and guides them through the photo. Lastly, we pay attention to the smallest details, refining the image to perfection and ensuring a high-quality end result.

This comprehensive post-production process guarantees that the photos meet the highest standards and effectively convey the desired message or story.

Technical Knowledge

Thailand Hotel Photographer
Thailand Hotel Photographer

We may possess some of the finest and most costly camera gear and computer hardware, but we must ensure that we are utilizing them to their maximum potential.

This requires investing countless hours of our personal time in trial and error to achieve the desired results. Attending workshops, completing courses, reading books, watching videos, and engaging in personal projects all require extensive time and effort.

Over time, everything becomes instinctual to us. We become adept at employing the appropriate techniques and settings for each unique situation, enabling us to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Professional Equipment

Now we come to the initial point that made me lay out my thoughts on this subject: gear. Yes, we spend thousands of dollars on our photography gear, but most of it does not help make a better photo when used to its full potential, it just makes our lives easier.

For me, the gear which have the contributing factor towards the quality of high-end hotel photography are

  1. Shift lenses
  2. Cameras
  3. Tripod
  4. Geared Tripod Head
  5. Lights

Anything else just makes our lives easier, and sometimes we just like to buy shiny new gear.


In conclusion, while the rates charged by specialized hotel photographers in creating high-end hotel photography may initially seem high, it is crucial to understand the value they bring to the table. Their expertise, equipment, meticulous planning, post-processing skills, and personalized service all contribute to the creation of captivating visuals that effectively showcase the unique experience your establishment offers. Investing in professional photography is an investment in your brand and can ultimately lead to increased guest interest and bookings.


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