​What is one way to tell if you are working with a quality hotel photographer?  If you are looking for a hotel photographer in Thailand, Cambodia, Bali or throughout Southeast Asia then you need to make sure your hotel photographer provides you with a hotel photography run sheet and photography shot list.

What Is A Hotel Photoshoot Call Sheet

A photography call sheet documents the details and order of your hotel photoshoot. It is vital to the planning and smooth running of any hotel and resorts photography shoot.

A professional hospitality photographer will work with you to create the best photography shot list and schedule. They will give their recommendations on the best shot sequence and time estimates. Each shot can take up to 1 hour and they will be able to advise on each location.

A well-prepared hotel photography run sheet will give everyone involved a clear understanding of what image will take place and when. It will keep everyone on track to complete all the images that are planned for the day.

Hotel Photography Shot List
Palace Gate Hotel & Residence

What A Professional Photographer Will Include In A Hotel Photography Shot List And Run Sheet

Contact Details

Include the names and phone numbers of everyone involved in the shoot. The details of the hotel or resort manager, photographer, assistants and stylists should all be included.

Start Time

The agreed upon start time should be included. The schedule should allow delays so schedule everyone to arrive 30 minutes before shooting is to begin.


Schedule breaks throughout the day. This will give the photographer time to charge batteries, plan for the next location and download and backup images.

Photography Shot List

​A detailed photography shot list should include details of each location including room number, directions and a list of props needed. If any staff are required for the photos then their names should be listed here. You should plan for 30 minutes to 1 hour for each hotel shot which will allow time for staging and moving between locations.

Hotel Photography Shot List
Palace Gate Hotel & Residence

Ways To Ensure Your Hotel Photo Shoot Runs Smoothly


When you are planning the order of locations schedule them sequentially as this will allow the photographer and crew to move about quickly.

The Guests Come First

Keep in mind guest traffic during the shoot as you want to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience for your guests. Avoid shooting the lobby/reception at busy check-in/check-out times. Some locations may need to be closed for shooting so advise your guests well in advance.


Make sure all props listed on the run sheet are for the shoot.


​It is a good idea to have one or two housekeeping staff on hand to go over any items that may have been missed in the preparation of the hotel shoot.


​If you are using a hotel photographer in Bali, Cambodia or anywhere else in the Asian market then think about using a hotel photography shot list. It should include full details on the shoot, scheduled breaks, and a complete list of the required photographs and how the shoot will be managed around the guests and housekeeping.​

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