A while back I published a short blog post entitled “The Most Popular Hotel OTA Images”, which was based on research by Leonardo - The Top 10 Images Travel Shoppers Want to See.

Which Photos will attract more guests

Based on this research, the most viewed hotel images in media galleries were those of the guest rooms.  With this in mind one would assume that it would be best if you highlighted and showcased your guestroom photos.

I think we all would like to see what the guest rooms look like before we booked.

I spend quite a bit of time time browsing OTAs and hotel websites, and many hotels are using guest room images as their profile and lead images.

track image.png?iat=1574567790&hash=%242y%2410%24T9B0Naj.ilPNA1m82Hid. – architecture and interiors photorapher

These photos may not be the best ones to attract prospective hotel guests and clients.

What you should be using are photos that stand out in the crowd. Photos that catch a viewer’s attention and make them want to investigate more.

southeast asia best hotel photos

This image stands out as it has the WOW factor, The main subject is bright. Strong contrast between the colors. There is texture throughout the foreground. Colors are rich and vibrant.

Not using photos with the WOW factor may be the reason a prospective guest skips your hotel’s profile, as they are drawn to another hotel with attention-grabbing photos.

When I started in photography and used to shoot landscapes, I soon discovered that photos which had vibrant colors  and contrast, did much better than the flat yet technically perfect photos.

It is well known that four things help attract a viewer to a photo.

  1. Brightness
  2. Contrast
  3. Texture
  4. Color


photographer cambodia

As an example,  the above light painting photo includes all four.

  • The brightness of the burning steel wool.
  • The contrast between the orange and blues.
  • Texture in the reflection.
  • And beautiful vibrant colors

This will ensure that this photo will stand out in a crowd.

cambodia best hotel photos

Contrast between the warm orange loungers and the cool blue pool.

Here is another example of an image I created for a hotel here in Phnom Penh.

We have the bright pool in the center of the photo and contrast between the warm orange loungers and the cool blue pool.

Those with the texture in the foreground shadows and bright vibrant colors throughout means this image will definitely stand out and draw attention.

best southeast asia hotel photos

20 professional hotel photos of different subjects. Which one catches your eye?

The best way to look at this is to place your hotel’s profile image in among 20 other hotel images.

What image is your eye drawn to?

If it is not your photo, then it is not doing its job.

Have a look at the collage of 20 photos of different spaces and subjects. Which one catches your eye and grabs your attention?

These kinds of photos grab the viewer's attention and make them want investigate more.

Your other photos can sell the property.

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