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The Top 3 Sources For Hospitality Photography

Hospitality Photography

Top 3 Sources

When Not To Use

A Professional Hotel Photographer

The Pro And Cons Of The 3 Top Sources Of Hospitality Photography

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Professional Hotel Photographer
In-House Photographer
User-Generated Content

​With up to 86% of hotel bookings made online, choosing the best hotel photos for your luxury hotel is crucial. Before we start I just want to reiterate that all of your hospitality images displayed on your website, OTAs, marketing materials, and press SHOULD be made by a professional and experienced hotel photographer.

Options To Source Your Hospitality Photography

​There are thee main options to source your hotel photos and we will look at the pros and cons of each of them, plus when you should and should not be be using the photos.

hospitality photography
The NamKhan Luang Prabang Laos



  • The professional hospitality photographer will make high-quality hospitality photography that show your hotel at its best. With years of experience, the hotel photographer knows how to get the best out of every hotel photo shoot.
  • The hotel photographer understands your hotel photography guidelines and brand standards and will stick to the brand guidelines throughout the shoot.
  • You will not have the large expense of purchasing camera and lighting equipment and then learning how to make the best use of it. The interior photographer will already have all the necessary equipment and the technical know how.
  • The interiors photographer knows exactly how to capture each unique locations and under the best lighting conditions. They will make sure they capture every frame that is needed for post-processing to make the perfect photo.
  • The hotel photographer will help you compile a shot list and help with the planning to make the hotel photoshoot perfect.
  • Consistency through the photos and through your marketing materials.


  • Planning and budgeting are required.
  • Licensing and usage rights need to be worked out and understood beforehand.


Professional and high-quality hospitality photography should be used whenever possible. It is important the professional images must be used on your websites, OTAs, marketing materials, press releases and advertising.

luxury hospitality photography
Anantara Hua Hin Thailand



  • Your luxury hotel brand owns the hotel photos so you are able to do whatever you want with the images.
  • There is not much planning involved and the hospitality pictures can be produced quickly.
  • The photographer will have inside knowledge of the hotel property.


  • The hotel in-house photographer may already have a full-time job.
  • They will not have the equipment and experience of the professional hotel photographer.
  • The quality and compositions of the hotel photos will suffer due to the lack of experience.


Social media is more agreeable towards lower quality hospitality photography. So posting in-house photography of food, events, staff and sneak peeks is acceptable.

Subject matter that needs to be re-shot on a regular basis, such as food and events, is an area the in-house photographer will be of great use.

the best hospitality photography
AVANI+ Busan South Korea



  • There’s is a steady source of new content.
  • The photos are captured by the guests so give an insight into what the hotel guest sees.
  • Lets you engage more with your guests.
  • The photos can be shared on the guest’s social media channels which can give you good exposure.


  • You do not have any control over the source of the photographs so there is no consistency.
  • The quality of the photographs is usually low due to the fact that mobile phones are used to take many of the photos.
  • Hotel guests also lack the expertise of a professional hotel photographer.


For sharing on social media channels and hotel review sites.


​It all comes down to the intended use hospitality photography and the results required. For almost all cases, you should be hiring a professional hotel photographer for your hospitality photography. The hotel photos are what attracts a guest to your hotel and influence their decision to book with you.


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hospitality photography

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