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Hotel Photography Pricing – The 3 Most Common Rate Structures

Hotel Photography


How To Understand

The Different Rate Structures

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Hotel Photography Pricing Explained

Table Of Contents

Daily Rate
Per Image Rate
Package Rate
Additional Details and Costs

If you are thinking about contacting a professional hotel photographer for your next hotel photoshoot then this article will give you an idea of the different rate structures hotel photographers quote for assignments. In this hotel marketing article, we look at the 3 main form for hotel photography pricing..

Daily Rate

One of the most commons hotel photography pricing structures is a set daily rate, where the hospitality photographer will charge the client a set amount per day of the hotel photoshoot.

This is not for a full 24-hour day but usually between 8 and 10 hours per day. Depending on the photoshoot assignment, luxury hotel brand, and requirements, the number of hotel photos a professional hotel photographer can get per day is between 10 and 18. Based on our extensive experience, it is very difficult to get more than this number of hospitality pictures, unless shortcuts are taken, which is not ideal. This ensures that the hotel photographer has ample time to capture the best hotel photos for your brand and creates the most value for your hotel marketing plans.

With a daily rate, you need to keep in mind that the hotel photographer will be charging you whether they are shooting or not. So if they are delays or locations are not ready, this is going to affect the number of images you will get for that day. Many professional hotel photographer will include weather days at not charge, which will allow for a spare day that can be moved around.

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Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18

Per Image Rate

Another common form of hotel photography pricing is the per image rate. This way, you only pay for the final delivered images, no matter the amount of time taken to capture them.

As with the daily rate, expect only 8 to 18 interiors and exterior hotel photographs per day, and the photographer’s rate will reflect this.

With a per image rate in hotel photograph pricing, the hospitality photographer does not feel pressured and can take sufficient time and preparation for the best photographs.

The advantage to you is that you are only paying for results, no matter the amount of time it has taken the photographer to capture the images.

Package Rate

A less common form of hotel photography pricing is a package rate. This way, the hotel and resort photographer will quote the client an overall rate for the complete job. [February 23, 2024 – I am finding this package rate is better value all around]

The package rate will specify exactly what is included, e.g.:

  • ​​The number of hotel photos that will be delivered
  • ​The number of locations that can be photographed
  • ​​​If twilight, aerial, lifestyle or food & beverage photos are included

​The advantages of this rate structure are that you know exactly what you will be getting and the total cost. Though, if you need more hotel room photos or need another meeting room photographs, then the hotel photoshoot investment can start to mount.

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Courtyard by Marriott Phnom Penh

Additional Details and Costs

Travel Time and Expenses

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a high-end interior and architecture photographer based on your doorstep, the photographer will have to travel some distance to your hotel or resort. Many photographers will also have a travel day charge for each day spent travelling to and from the location. Both these items will be for the account of the client. We do not charge for travel days.

General Expenses

You will need to provide accommodation, food, transportation and other general expenses for the complete photography crew while on location.

Photographer Crew

Depending on the photographer and assignment, it may only be the photographer himself/herself or a crew of photographer, assistants, stylists and digital techs that you will be billed for.

Post Processing

For some photographers, this is built into the rates, while others will have an additional charge on a per-image basis. This rate can be $100 up, per photos, so can add a substantial amount to the quote.


Most architecture and interiors photographers worldwide will be using a form of one of these hotel photography pricing structures. With any new hotel photoshoot, confirm with your hotel photographer exactly what you will be receiving and any additional charges or expenses that may or will be incurred.


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