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Interior Photoshoot Overview

Rosewood Hotel Bangkok is a property of one of the world’s top luxury hotel brands. With its impeccable reputation and stunning architecture, Rosewood Hotel Bangkok stands as a true gem in the heart of the city. Every corner of the hotel seemed to tell a story, with carefully curated details that showcased the hotel’s commitment to excellence.

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Interior Photography Overview

As an interior photographer in Bangkok, I had the privilege of capturing the hospitality photography for this luxury hotel chain. To get the best hotel room photos, highlighting the meticulous styling and attention to detail, plush beds, and panoramic views of Bangkok, it was a collaboration between the hotel photographer and the amazing Marketing and Housekeeping teams.  It was clear that they took great pride in their work and were committed to ensuring that every guest had a truly unforgettable stay. 

The main purpose of this hotel photoshoot was to capture professional hotel photography for the hotel to enter and be included on a luxurious lifestyle list for Bangkok’s top hotels.

The hotel photography shot list called for shooting multiple categories of luxury hotel rooms and apartments, bathrooms, the spa, and conference room for business travelers.

The Images

Shooting and Challenges

We had a total of 3 days to capture the required hospitality images. As an experienced hospitality photographer I arrived a day early to scout the best interior lighting and discuss hotel photoshoot ideas with the marketing team. This helped me understand the unique hotel marketing ideas and hotel strategies to attract customers,                  

On day 1 we captured pictures of hotel rooms and bathrooms. Days 2 and 3 we mostly spent on  the luxurious exclusive apartments of the property, plus the spa.

Since we understand that hotel photography does not always go as planned and there may be unavoidable delays, we are always very flexible and amiable to finish up any final shoots on an additional morning.


Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood Bangkok

Bruce Vincentiis is the Founder and Photographer of TwoKeys Media.

If you have any comments about the article or need a interior photographer to help you create value for your hotel’s marketing efforts please reach out to him from our contact page.

Behind The Scenes

Time Lapse of every image taken during the multi-day shoot.


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