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Koh Samui Photographer

Luxury Resort Photography


Koh Samui, Thailand

Luxury Resort Photography Avani+ Samui Resort

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Shooting and Challenges

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Luxury Resort Photography Overview

Bruce Vincentiis, our Koh Samui photographer, who specializes in luxury beach resort photography, visited this amazing luxury beach resort on Koh Samui on two occasions to create resort photography.

The Avani+ brand beach resort is only steps away from the beach and secluded bay. Hotel guests have a choice of 25 hotel rooms, 27 private pool villas, or six beachfront pool villas. All the hotel rooms are very spacious and beautifully designed. All the stunning villas gave their own private swimming pools if you want a bit more privacy than the resort’s two main swimming pools.

koh samui photographer
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Luxury Resort Photoshoot Overview

TwoKeys Media’s Koh Samui photographer first visited Avani+ Samui to complete a pre-opening resort photoshoot. The photoshoot shot list included resort pictures of the two swimming pools, restaurant, lobby, Kombi Van, spa, private pool villas, as well as the guest experience.

The second time our Koh Samui photographer visited the Koh Samui resort, he provided hotel photos of the renovated restaurant, the Pantry, swimming pools, new hotel room categories, floating breakfast, as well as the luxurious lifestyle guest experiences.

The Luxury Resort Photos

The Luxury Resort Videos

Resort Photography Shooting and Challenges

During the first hotel photoshoot the most difficult challenge to overcome was that the speed boats used to dock on the beachfront during the first months of the year as their permanent docking area was still being dredged and constructed. It created for an eye sore on all of the photos that need to showcase the magnificent location and the beautiful sea views. And that was all the hotel and resort photography.

We had to pay more attention to detail than normal to make sure the final hotel photos would be eye catching and achieve the unique hotel marketing goals. Since out Koh Samui photographer is extremely experienced in luxury beach resort photography, he knew the exact compositions and extra pictures need to make sure post production of all of the hotel photos was a simple process.

The second time or Koh Samui photographer visited the Avani+ Samui resort, it was more of a luxurious lifestyle and guest experience photoshoot. Hospitality photos of all the guest experiences and activities were required, so one day was spent taking the resort’s longtail boat to the outlying islands and to take images of the destinations and activities. This was a very enjoyable day, as hospitality photographers normally do not have the opportunity to experience the hotels and resorts as a hotel guest.

If we are not busy shooting, we are either charging all the batteries, backing up the days RAW files, planning the next days shoot, or sleeping.

Our Koh Samui photographer also created some amazing aerial photography of the beach resort and gest experiences, including the video above. I have nothing but complete respect, not only for hotel marketing teams, but the housekeeping departments as well. The hours of work that went into creating the floral design in the private pool only to be ruined in a couple of seconds.


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Bruce Vincentiis is the Founder and Photographer of TwoKeys Media.

He is an award winning photographer providing luxury camp photography for the luxury camp industry.

If you have any comments about the article or need a interior photographer to help you create value for your hotel’s marketing efforts, please reach out to him from our contact page.


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