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Luxury Hotel Photography Bangkok | Avani+ Riverside

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Luxury Hotel Photography Bangkok Overview

Avani+ Riverside Bangkok hotel is located along the Chao Phraya River with stunning views of the Bangkok skyline and Asiatique Night Market. Owned and operated by the Minor Hotel Group , this luxury hotel has a total of 250 hotel rooms and suites and 5 food and beverage outlets, including SEEN Restaurant & Bar. which was to be the main focus of this hotel photoshoot by out hotel photographer in Bangkok. The rooftop infinity pool offers some of the best sunrise views over Bangkok from any luxury hotel brand property. The natural light makes for some stunning and eye catching luxurious lifestyle photos.  It is the perfect place for some Bangkok photography.

Luxury hotel photography bangkok
Best hotel photography bangkok
hotel photography bangkok

Luxury Hotel Photoshoot Overview

The main reason our interior photographer was commissioned for this hotel photoshoot was to take the professional hotel photography of the recently opened SEEN Restaurant & Bar, located on the rooftop of the Avani+ Riverside Hotel in Thailand.

The hospitality images would include the interior photography of the Restaurant, food photography, portrait of the mixologist, and hotel room photography.  Our hospitality photographer was also to shoot the beautiful infinity pool at dawn.

The Hospitality Images

Hotel Photography Shooting and Challenges

We always find that the one area of hotel photography that is the most  inconvenient for hotel guests and the guest experience, are the swimming pools. Unlike the lobby and reception which you can photograph in the early hours of the morning when there is no foot traffic, luxury hotel swimming pools need to be photographed at sunrise/dawn or sunset/twilight. 

The two times of the day when the light is the best and the hotel guests want to enjoy the experience. Hotel swimming pool photo shoots always call for some creative hotel photoshoot ideas. In this case we were all set up well before sunrise so as to complete the shooting without affecting the hotel business. 

The pictures of hotel rooms of any luxury hotel chain are never an issue as the marketing teams will block these hotel rooms off for the duration of the hotel photoshoot. This gives us the opportunity to schedule the luxury hotel room photoshoot for the best light for interior photos. This, with our attention to detail, helps us take the best hotel room photos.

Hospitality photography of the public spaces, such as lobby and reception areas during the day calls for a little flexibility and the ability to work in with the guests so as not to disturb them at all.

The one challenge we needed to overcome was reflections in the floor to ceiling glass walls of SEEN Restaurant & Bar [see photo above]. The only way to possibly do this was to turn off all the lights in the establishment, which was a bit difficult as the restaurant was packed with customers. Lucky for us there was a 2 minute “black-out”, just enough time to take a frame with no reflections that could be blended in the final hotel photo during post-production.

 Our interior photographer also captured the below photo of a suite bathroom and the stunning views. A very instagrammable scene, which has been the inspiration for many hotel photos after it. This is truly a unique hotel marketing idea that should be in the toolbox of  hotel strategies to attract customers.

hotel photography bangkok



Avani+ Riverside Bangkok

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SEEN Restaurant & Bar

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Bruce Vincentiis is the Founder and Photographer of TwoKeys Media.

He is an award winning photographer providing luxury camp photography for the luxury camp industry.

If you have any comments about the article or need a interior photographer to help you create value for your hotel’s marketing efforts, please reach out to him from our contact page.


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