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Resort Photoshoot Overview

Nestled along the Nam Khan River, The NamKhan Resort is a picturesque and serene resort located in Luang Prabang, Laos.

The resort is spread over seven hectares of riverfront and features luxurious glamping tents that offer a breathtaking view of the river or the lush jungle. The resort also boasts charmingly designed villas that face Luang Prabang’s stunning sunsets, providing guests with an unforgettable experience.

Luang Prabang is popular amongst Laos photographers for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and famous sunsets.

southeast asia hotel photographer
southeast asia hotel photographer
southeast asia hotel photographer

Hotel Photography Overview

TwoKeys Media’s Laos photographer spent an amazing 6 days on location, capturing close to 100 hotel photos and lifestyle images. This hotel photoshoot called for a photographer with experience and knowledge of lifestyle photography, interior photography, and hotel photography.

Our hotel photographer arrived a day early to meet the owners and management, scout the locations and discuss different hotel photoshoot ideas. A comprehensive 5-day shot list was worked out, taking into account

  • The goals for the final hotel photos.
  • Working in with the day-to-day business of the hotel.
  • Taking advantage of the natural light to provide the client with the best value and return.

The hero shots and most iconic photos would be captured at sunset and twilight, so extra attention was paid to planning these shots.

The Images

Shooting and Challenges

As highly experienced hospitality photographers, we totally understand for the need for flexibility when it comes to hotel and resort photoshoots, so we planned the shooting from 7am until 7pm each day of shooting.

This gave us the ability to work in with the daily running of the hotel and to not disturb the hotel guests in anyway.

As with many hotel photoshoots, there are unavoidable challenges, such as last minute bookings on rooms scheduled for shooting and photographing the swimming pool at sunset/twilight.

To accommodate the last minute bookings, we had set aside the full day for shooting and had already worked out the proposed shots, so there was no problem in swapping the shooting schedule around and moving in to capture the required hotel photos before the guests checked in.

Swimming pools are always a difficult location to schedule during hotel photoshoots, as the best time to capture the pool photos is early in the morning or at sunset and twilight. The exact times when the swimming pool can be the most popular.

This normally involves closing the swimming pool, which normally does not go down well with some guests. For this hotel shoot, we decided not to close the swimming pool on any specific day, since we could swap locations in the chance that no guests we at the pool when we wanted to shoot.

We kept watch on the pool areas each day, and on the third day the last of the guests left at around 30 minutes before sunset. We made the quick decision to shoot the pool then. So housekeeping and engineering we called in to mop up all the water, replace the towels, remove some of the landscape lighting and turn off the pool filtration system. While we planned our angles and styled all the sunbeds.

This can only be done by an experienced hotel photographer as we know the angles to shoot, the exact time to shoot, the styling and props, and any issues that need to be resolved that could effect the outcome of the final hotel photos.

Overall a very enjoyable and successful shoot, encompassing all aspects of hospitality photography – architectural photography, lifestyle photography, and interior photography.

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