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Anantara Angkor – Interior Photographer Siem Reap

Interior Photographer

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hotel Photography

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Interior Photographer Siem Reap | Anantara Angkor Resort

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Photoshoot Overview
Photography Overview
The Luxury Resort Photos
Shooting and Challenges

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Luxury Hotel Photoshoot Overview

The Anantara Angkor Resort is a beautiful and luxurious resort located in the Cambodian city of Seam Reap, the gateway to the grand Angkor Archaeological Park UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Siem Reap resort is located just 10 minutes away from Angkor Wat.

This luxury resort & Spa comes under the Anantara brand, the luxury brand of Minor Hotels, with over 500 hotels and resorts worldwide. The boutique hotel resembles a magnificent Khmer villa with all suites and guest rooms overlooking a beautiful courtyard and saltwater pool modeled on Srah Srang, a bathing pool built for Angkor’s kings.

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hotel photographer siem reap
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Luxury Resort Photography Overview

Anantara Angkor Resort is the first of this luxury hotel brand that our interior photographer Siem Reap had the pleasure to take eye catching hotel photos of. The hospitality photography shot list included hotel pictures of the swimming pool, exterior, spa, lobby, and numerous hotel room and suites.

The Resort Photos

Luxury Hospitality Shooting and Challenges

On the first photoshoot day, while making out way to the first guest room to photograph we passed by the swimming pool, The morning natural light falling onto the courtyard swimming pool was perfect, so we stopped and set up for an unplanned shot as the timing was perfect. The resulting hotel photo of the swimming pool is still one of my favorite hospitality images to this day.

The next two days of hotel photoshoots were spent shooting the hotel rooms and luxurious hotel suites, which all face the courtyard area of the swimming pool. During the second day of the hotel photoshoot we had a torrential downpour that Siem Reap is well know for. Since we needed to highlight the exterior in the hotel room photos we decided to call it a day and take all of our photography gear into the lobby.

The scene in the hotel lobby looked too good, so as I am well known for, I decided to take a hospitality photo of the lobby area as the areas just outside was undercover and the rain storm would not be too noticeable. So we managed to also get a nice photo of the lobby even though it was not part of the interior photography brief and hotel photo shot list.

I also took unplanned architectural images of the interior walkway and resort exterior. As most professional hotel and interior photographers love taking hotel pictures we cannot miss the opportunity to capture the photos when we know the light and scene are going to make for the perfect eye catching photo.

On the morning of the final photoshoot day, we only had the Spa treatment rooms to photograph, which do take a lot of experience and know how to create the right mood and message, and I always think that Spa photos should have some life in them. People want to see and imagine themselves having a massage in the Spa.

As an interior photographer Siem Reap, It is always a pleasure to shoot for the Anantara luxury hotel and resort brand.


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