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Luxury Camp Photographer | Shinta Mani Wild Cambodia

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Photoshoot Overview
Photography Overview
The Luxury Camp Photos
The Videos
Shooting and Challenges

Luxury Camp Photographer


Luxury Camp Photoshoot Overview

Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild is a luxurious and exclusive glamping resort located in the heart of Cambodia’s breathtaking wilderness. This remarkable property is the brainchild of renowned landscape architect and designer, Bill Bensley. He initially purchased this area of land to save it from poaching and logging. The luxury resort also doubles as a research and conservation center in partnership with Wildlife Alliance.

The guest experience starts off as resort guests zipline into the “Landing Zone Bar”, which ahs to be one of the most unique and exciting luxury camp entrances in the world. The glamping resort has a total of 15 unique luxury tents all situated along the river.

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Luxury Camp Photography Overview

During our three days in the this amazing locations we had the opportunity to make hotel photos of the some of the tents, restaurant, lobby, swimming pool, and surrounding areas. The idea was to try and show how the luxury resort fit into the surroundings with minimal impact, as one of the design principles of this luxury resort it to be at one with the nature and wildlife.

The The Cistern (swimming pool) is a 33 meter long perched amongst the large boulders. I am amazed of how that brought this structure in and installed it, in its location.

The Luxury Camp Photos

The Videos

Luxury Camp Shooting and Challenges

On the afternoon of our arrival we got some stunning hospitality photos of The National Geographic Tent situated at the base of the upper waterfalls. The outside decking area of this tent is amazing with the waterfall in the background. Over the next 2 photo shooting days we photographer the The Cambodian Royalty Tent and the The Great Conservationists Tent . each with its own unique interior design and location.

The Cambodian Royalty Tent has an amazing location perched over the rapids below and was the perfect space to get some eye catching exterior photos. The main challenge during this shoot? The only way to get between the tents and lobby/restaurant are by small walking paths, which is perfect for the location and experience. Unless, of course, you have to lug around 30 plus kilos of photography gear from one tent to another. Oh and the snakes on the paths.

Ever since this shoot I have been on a a mission to minimize and lighten my photo gear that I travel with, without compromising the quality of work delivered.


Bensley Collection – Shinta Mani Wild

Bill Bensley

Wildlife Alliance

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