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Oakwood Premier

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Hotel and Interior Photographer in Cambodia – Photography for Oakwood Premier Phnom Penh.

hotel and interior photographer in cambodia


Hotel Lifestyle Photoshoot Overview

Oakwood Premier Phnom Penh is one of Ascott Star Resort’s luxury properties in Cambodia. Consisting of 207 hotel rooms and serviced apartments, only a 10-minute drive away from the Royal Palace.

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southeast asia hotel photographer

Hospitality Photography Overview

TwoKeys Media’s hotel and interior photographer in Cambodia captured the hotel photos and luxurious lifestyle photos. With over a decade of experience in hotel photography for luxury hotel brands, we have the know-how and knowledge in the different genres of commercial photography required for a hotel photoshoot like this.

Lifestyle photography:
Hotel lifestyle photography captures the guest’s experience at the hotel and evokes an emotion from the viewers as they imagine themselves to be experiencing what is shown in the photo. We need to know how to show the message that the hotel wants to get across from the lifestyle photoshoot. Hotel lifestyle photography usually shows guests enjoying the luxurious lifestyle.

Interior photography:
When you look at any luxury hotel brand’s website, interior design photos are the hotel photos you will see the most. Pictures of hotel rooms, food & beverage outlets, lobby, banquet halls, and public facilities. These are all conducted like an interior design photoshoot to capture the space in the best possible way that a guest will be able to experience it.

Architectural photography:
Architecture photography is the genre of photography that captures the architectural elements of a structure. First, there is exterior architectural photography, which involves capturing the outdoor architectural elements which includes the hotel buildings, architectural features, and swimming pools. Interior architecture photography captures all the unique architectural design details inside the hotel buildings.

Our photographer in Cambodia is well experienced in all genres of hotel photography.

The Images

Shooting and Challenges

This hotel photoshoot needed to be conducted on three different days and phases by our hotel and interior photographer in Cambodia, since we needed to fit our schedule into that of the contestants of Miss Planet International 2023, who were being hosted at Oakwood Premier, Phnom Penh.

Over the three-day shoot, we had the pleasure of working with Miss Thailand, Miss. Cambodia, and Miss. Brazil, who were the models for the luxury lifestyle photos. Due to their hectic schedule, we had to be very flexible and be ready to jump from shooting a hotel room to lifestyle images.

The Oakwood Premier brand is one of the few luxury hotel brands that calls for the inclusion of props and styling to give the living spaces are more lived in and welcoming feeling.  It is also one of the few hospitality brands that require the TVs to be “on” for the same reason.  It takes many years of experience to know how and where to place all the props to look the most natural and give the best results in the photos, even if adding quite a bit of additional time to each hotel room photo.

We photographed numerous categories of serviced apartments during the three days, keeping to the hotel brand guidelines. We also captured the hotel lifestyle images in the hotel rooms and food and beverage outlets.

Lifestyle photography has its own unique challenges and working with professional talent, as we did, makes for a smoother shoot with better final results.

It is also a pleasure to work with wonderful hospitality marketing professionals who always have very busy schedules, but can make the time to prepare for a shoot as well as provide valuable input during the shoot.

We look forward to collaborating with Ascott Start Resorts on more of their properties as their Cambodia photographer.


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